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MAY 18-19, 2024
Virginia Beach Convention Center
May 18-19, 2024 • Virginia Beach Convention Center • VA Beach, VA


This year’s Kid Zone is proudly brought to you by the incredibly talented folks from Kids Love Comics!


12PM Draw A Little Dream with Chris Mariano and Carolyn Belefski

Chris Mariano interviews kids and parents about their strangest dreams. Professional artists bring their dreams to life on the drawing board.

1PM Cat Crusader Versus Your Vile Villain! With John Gallagher

Comic creator, John Gallagher, shares his insight on making comics and helps you create a silly villain and a
perilous plot. How will the heroic Cat Crusader save the day? That’s up to you!

2PM Draw The Shape, Not The Thing with Nick Davis

The secret to drawing is one simple thing, draw the shape, not draw the thing. Using a series of simple shapes, Nick Davis will show you how to draw Hero Ted, the super-heroic teddy bear who protects naptime from the monsters. You can follow along with Nick with the supplied worksheet, and draw your very own superhero. Best superhero gets the Hero Ted demo art at the end of the session.

3PM Stories Behind The Stories: Zorphbert & Fred with Mark Mariano and Dawn Griffin

Mark Mariano interviews Dawn Griffin, the author and artist of the wacky webcomic, Zorphbert & Fred. In
between questions, we’ll learn how to draw the stars of this furry and funny comic strip. Mark and Dawn will
discuss the creative process and the journey of Zorphbert & Fred from first idea to finished book.

4PM The AaaaWoooooo Werewolf Workshop with Chris Flick

Have a howling good time as cartoonist, Chris Flick, shows you how to draw werewolves of all shapes and sizes.


12:30PM Pass The Page with Mark Mariano

Artists of all ages and skill are welcome join in as we draw together to create funny, strange, and bizarre works of
art. Each amazing masterpiece will take multiple artists to complete, so the more the merrier! What kind of art can be made when you pass the page?

1PM Emoji Comics with Carolyn Belefski

We’ve used them in texts and social media, now cartoonist Carolyn Belefski shows you how to use emojis in comics. From designing these easy-to-draw icons to using them to tell a story, this workshop will surely play with your emotions.

2PM Art Celebration: Alien Invasion with Dawn Griffin

Watch out! The Aliens are invading! Artists of all ages are welcome to join cartoonist, Dawn Griffin for this
cosmically fun workshop. Using simple shapes and inspiration from animals, artists will create their own awesome aliens.

3PM Maritone Records Presents Groove Is In The Art

Let the eclectic sounds of the superstar musicians of Maritone Records move and groove your pencil along the
page. What kind of art will each song inspire you to create? All ages and all levels of artists are welcome.