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MAY 18-19, 2024
Virginia Beach Convention Center
May 18-19, 2024 • Virginia Beach Convention Center • VA Beach, VA



SHOW HOURS: SAT 10:30-6pm • SUN 11:30-5pm


GAME ZONE open both days during show hours in the main hall
GAME ROOM open both days in Suite 3 on the 2nd floor


All panel times subject to change.
If viewing on mobile, view landscape for optimal reader experience.

Richard Horvitz Q&ASAT 11-11:45AMBALLROOMDerek WilliamsCalling all earth people! The amazing voice actor Richard Horvitz will be discussing all things Zim, Angry Beavers, MMPR, Billy & Mandy, and so much more!
Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum Q&ASAT 12-12:45PMBALLROOMDanny EppersonSuper Fans Unite! Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum talk about their careers on Smallville and much more!
Adrianne Palicki Q&ASAT 2-2:45PMBALLROOMChandler NunnallyThe dynamic and talend Adrianne Palicki shares her career on film and television and more!
Demolition Q&ASAT 3-3:45PMBALLROOMBenjamin BanksWWE fans, it's time for pain and destruction! Ax and Smash will be answering your questions in this epic panel.
Cosplay Contest Round 1SAT 3-3:45PMBALLROOM LOBBYROUND 1: PRE-JUDGING 3:00 PM in Ballroom Lobby
Creating Comics 101SAT 11-11:45AMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Nathan JeffersShare artwork and Video clips disguising the process of creating a fully illustrated comic book!
Droid Building 101SAT 12-12:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Jon HaagInterested in building your own life sized (or not so life sized) Star Wars droid? After all, who doesn’t want R2-D2 in their living room? Join members of the Hampton Roads Droid Builders group for a discussion and Q&A on what it takes to do just that, as they discuss the hows and whys of it all: building methods, resources, costs, and everything in between.
Paul Rugg Does Voices!SAT 1-1:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)George PlankHave you ever wanted to come up with your own character and have a voice actor voice it? Well, now you can! Join us for a riviting panel with Paul Rugg, the voice of Freakazoid and much more! We will have the amazing host George Plank ask you to create a character, while the artistic Mark Mariano creates it, and the talented voice actor Paul Rugg brings it to life!
Secret History of the Marvel Universe with Jim ShooterSAT 2-2:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Michael WatkinsJoin us for an epic panel with the legendary Jim Shooter! Write, editor, and publisher for many comics, Jim is probably most known for his infamous Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. Come hear about the incredible history of the Secret Wars!
Improv and Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPGSSAT 3-3:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Sean DevereuxAdd some improv to your next game. The comedians of Pushing Dragons will show you how the principles of improv can liven up your TTRPG. This information in this panel can be used by both game masters and players. From better fun and collaboration to keeping players present at the table, see what improv can do for your game.Pushing Dragons is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play performed live at The Push Comedy Theater.
Adam Kubert Q&ASAT 4-4:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)TBAAdam Kubert Q&A X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Superman, Ghost Rider and most notably, Wolverine! Check out this intimate Q&A.
K-Pop Random Dance PlaySAT 5-5:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Isabella FernandezDo you like K-POP? Do you like dancing? random dance play event like I did last year where participants will be able to dance along to the k-pop songs that they know.
Dan Gilvezan & Gregg Berger Transformers Q&ASUN 12-12:30PMBALLROOMGeorge PlankAutobots, roll out! Or should we say roll in? Come roll in to this panel for an awesome Q&A with Dan Gilvezan and Gregg Berger. Two epic voice actors from Transformers, Spiderman, Garfield, and many more!
Cosplay Face-OffSUN 1-1:45PMBALLROOMGigi EdgleyHosted by the amazing and talented Gigi Edgley, two of our special cosplay guests will go head to head in a special effects makeup battle. The audience chooses the challenge! Come join us for an epic face off of makeup talent! Judges include Gigi Edgley, MellieBee Cosplays, and Batvonboo!
Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti Q&A PanelSUN 2-2:45PMBALLROOMTBAYou don't want to miss the dynamic power couple talk all things comics! Amanda Conner is known for her work on Archie, Mad, Power Girl, Harley Quinn, and more! Jimmy Palmiotti is known for his work on Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Daredevil, Harley Quinn, and much more!
Cosplay Contest Round 1SUN 2-2:45PMBALLROOM LOBBYROUND 1: PRE-JUDGING 2:00 PM in the Ballroom Lobby
Cosplay Contest JudgingSUN 3-3:45PMBALLROOMDerek WilliamsKIDS COSPLAY CONTEST: ROUND 2: TOP 30 ANNOUNCED. Round 2 will take place at 3:00 PM-4:00 PM in the Ballroom on the second floor, this is where the top 50 contestants will be announced and walk across the stage for further judging for competition. This will be for audience viewing as well. Hosted and MCed by the comedic talent Derek Williams.
Cosplay Contest Winners AnnouncedSUN 5PMBALLROOMGigi EdgleyKIDS: ROUND 3: WINNERS ANNOUNCED. Round 3 is when the winners will be announced, this will be at 5:00 PM in the Ballroom on the second floor. Special Guest, Gigi Edgley will announce the Kid Cosplay Contest Winners.
Geek Comedy With Derek WilliamsSUN 12-12:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Derek WilliamsJoin Derek Williams, co-founder of Geek Night Comedy as he hosts a panel on comedy on the stand-up stage, to pop culture, to video games. Funny can happen everywhere and we don't miss a beat. On the panel will be other Geek Night alums Nick Deez, Edward Phillips, and Sid Bridge, Sid being another co-founder of Geek Night Comedy, to help the discussion along, and take your questions on the subject as well.
Geek TriviaSUN 1-1:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Dan SebastianoThe annual geek trivia contest where convention goers answer questions from across all genres and fandoms for prizes and rights to call themselves Geek Trivia Master.
Mike Hawthorne Q&A SUN 2-2:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)Marty NozzBatman! Deadpool! Wonder Woman! Daredevil! Queen & Country! Come check out this intimate Q&A with the mighty Mike Hawthorne!
Cosplay KaraokeSUN 3-3:45PMSUITE 2 (2nd Floor)John CaldwellCome join us for Cosplay Karaoke. It's just as it sounds, karaoke while in cosplay. Hosted by DJ John Caldwell!