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MAY 18-19, 2024
Virginia Beach Convention Center
May 18-19, 2024 • Virginia Beach Convention Center • VA Beach, VA


“When and Where is the show?”

Tidewater Comicon May 18-19, 2024

located at:
The Virginia Beach Convention Center
1000 19th St
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

SAT 10-6
SUN 11-5



“Must I Print My Passes?”

No. If you have them on your phone that’s fine. But if for any reason you don’t have your phone or your passes won’t pull up, it’s nice to have the printed pass handy. Without that, you’ll need ID for staff to verify your passes.

As mentioned on the pass itself:
Please keep your passes in a safe place and have them ready to quickly be scanned at the show.
We don’t require everyone print their pass, but it does make a handy backup. If for any reason you can’t present a digital or physical pass, you will need to present ID.

“Where are my passes? I purchased them months ago. When should they arrive?”

Passes are never mailed. They are delivered to your email where you can print them, or save them to your phone, and bring them to the show.

“I’ve lost my passes! How do I find them?”

No worries, head to our passes purchasing page HERE and at the top of the page will be a button labeled, “Resend Confirmation”. Click that and fill out the email address you used to purchase passes with and as long as they are in the system, you will be resent your passes via email.


“Why no Pro Photo Ops?”

We’ve done a number of fan surveys and in very large numbers learned- FANS DON’T WANT TO WAIT IN LINES ALL DAY!

So, rather than wait in line to meet a celebrity and then go wait in another line to get a photo together, we’ve merged it all into one. Wait in ONE line and get an autograph and/or selfie, then off to the next guest or enjoy the many wonders of the show.

“How many folks in a Celebrity Selfie?”

The prices are just per selfie, not per person. You can have multiple people, but the celebrities reserve the right to modify pricing if they feel there are too many people in one selfie.

How much for kids to attend?
Kids 10 and under are FREE to attend with an accompanied paid adult.

Can I bring weapons as part of my Cosplay?
Prop weapons are allowed. By Prop we mean no airsoft guns, no sharp swords/knives, etc. There is a prop check prior to entering the show. If your prop does not meet our guidelines you must put it in your vehicle.

Must I wear the wristband?
Yes. Anyone without a wristband will not be allowed entry into the convention. If you lose or cut off your wristband you will need to purchase another.