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MAY 20-21, 2023
Virginia Beach Convention Center
May 20-21, 2023 • Virginia Beach Convention Center • VA Beach, VA

Hello, this is a page for the behind the scenes folks at the convention center. A digital “hub” where we can keep finalized plans.

Planning Session 4/20 Topics:

We need a higher count of tables than any year. What is the available table count?
We only promised 6ft tables so we do have some wiggle room I think.

For AA, if we don’t have enough stanchions, we need to create endcaps in each aisle. Creating “Islands”

Vendor Booths
Are listed as 8×10, but will be 10×10.

Panel Rooms
How many rooms do we have booked?
Basic Setup should be just classroom style.
Gaming Room half round, half rectangle tables

This is where we have to shine to get bigger guests.
Riser, PA with wireless mics, Nice Chairs, Skirting, Backdrop

Celeb Zone
Skirting for all tables, Pipe and Drape, we need a way to “close off” the area to anyone else. Stanchions between major guests.

-Window Clings and Outdoor Street Lamp Signage
-Marquee Outside and Inside
-Entrances/Exits: Multiple shows now I’ve seen this pulled off better with less folks. Ideally we want to get people in or out through the doors. It’s a recurring complaint that people get fussed at going in/out.