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MAY 18-19, 2024
Virginia Beach Convention Center
May 18-19, 2024 • Virginia Beach Convention Center • VA Beach, VA


All Panel times are subject to change.
All panels are located upstairs in Suite 1.


Masters of the Page: Tom Defalco, Dan DiDio, & Ralph Macchio Editor’s Panel

Hosted by: TBA
Delve into the inner workings of the comic book industry with Tom Defalco, Dan DiDio, and Ralph Macchio as they share decades of experience shaping beloved narratives and characters worldwide. From Defalco’s legendary Spider-Man run to DiDio’s DC Comics events and Macchio’s pivotal role in Marvel’s success, gain rare insights into their creative processes, challenges faced, and the evolving comics landscape.

Explore everything from character development to universe-spanning events in this panel promising insider knowledge and a celebration of comic book storytelling. Whether you’re an aspiring creator, a seasoned professional, or a fan, don’t miss this chance to engage with industry icons and uncover the secrets behind your favorite comic book moments.



Voices of the Justice League: A Q&A Panel

Hosted by: George Plank & Derek Williams
Prepare to be transported to the world of superheroes as George Newbern, Maria Canals-Barrera, and Susan Eisenberg take the stage for an unforgettable panel experience. Join these iconic voices behind beloved characters such as Superman, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman as they share behind-the-scenes stories, discuss the impact of their roles on pop culture, and interact with fans in a lively Q&A session. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the world of animated heroes, this panel promises excitement, nostalgia, and plenty of superheroic inspiration.


Beyond the Stars: Anson Mount’s Cosmic Journey

Hosted by: Benjamin McCormick
Embark on a thrilling journey through the multiverse with Anson Mount, the dynamic actor behind iconic roles such as Captain Christopher Pike in “Star Trek: Discovery” and Black Bolt in “Marvel’s Inhumans.” Known for his captivating performances and dedication to character portrayal, Mount offers fans a rare opportunity to delve into the behind-the-scenes world of superhero adaptations.

From his experiences donning the Starfleet uniform to bringing the enigmatic ruler of Attilan to life, Mount shares stories, experiences, and the challenges of embodying characters deeply ingrained in comic book lore. Whether you’re a Trekkie, a Marvel aficionado, or simply intrigued by the art of acting in the realm of superheroes, this panel promises an engaging and unforgettable exploration into the intersection of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book storytelling.


From the Shire to the Silver Screen: Sean Astin Panel

Hosted by: Chandler Nunnally
Join us on an epic adventure into the heart of geek culture with the charismatic Sean Astin. Best known for his iconic roles as Samwise Gamgee in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and Mikey in “The Goonies,” Astin brings a wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm to the stage.

With his endearing charm and genuine love for the genre, Astin dives into discussions about his memorable characters, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and the enduring impact of beloved franchises on pop culture. From tales of hobbits and treasure hunts to his voice work in animated series like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Astin’s panel promises to be a delightful journey through the realms of fantasy, adventure, and nostalgia, leaving fans inspired and entertained.


Unleashing the Force: A Ray Park Q&A Panel

Hosted by: Zach Carr
Prepare for a unique spectacle as martial arts master and iconic actor Ray Park takes center stage for a special Q&A panel. Renowned for his dynamic performances as Darth Maul in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” and Snake Eyes in the “G.I. Joe” franchise, Park embodies the epitome of action-packed heroism. With unparalleled expertise in martial arts and a penchant for bringing beloved characters to life, Park offers fans a rare glimpse into the rigorous training and intricate choreography behind his most legendary roles.

From wielding a double-bladed lightsaber to performing gravity-defying stunts, Park’s panel promises an immersive journey through the heart-pounding world of cinematic combat, leaving audiences spellbound and eager for more.


Baku Short Film Premiere with Johnny Yong Bosch & Jason Narvy

Johnny Yong Bosch and Jason Narvy will be premiering the short film THE BAKU. Directed by Johnny Yong Bosch, Starring Jason Narvy, based on the comic book character created by Tidewater Comicon’s own Mike Federali.


All Panel times are subject to change.
All programming will be held in Suite 1 located upstairs.


Cosplay Face-Off

Hosted by Mellie Bee Cosplay and Electric Seafoam.

AstraVoidCosplay and BatVonBoo, two of our special cosplay guests, will go head to head in a special effects makeup battle. The audience chooses the challenge! Come join us for an epic face-off of makeup talent! Judges include MellieBee Cosplays, Batvonboo, and Audience Participation!


Crafting Worlds: A Writer’s Perspective with Jarrett Melendez, Steve Orlando, & Robert Venditti

Hosted by: TBA
Join us for an informative and exciting panel featuring three acclaimed creators: Jarrett Melendez, Steve Orlando, and Robert Venditti. Get ready for an engaging discussion as these visionary writers delve into their creative processes, share insights into crafting compelling narratives, and offer sneak peeks into their latest projects.

From the intricacies of world-building to the challenges of character development, this panel promises to captivate fans and aspiring creators alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from three of the comic book industry’s most innovative talents.


Alan Burnett & Kevin Altieri Panel

Hosted by: TBA
Step into the world of animation greatness with Alan Burnett and Kevin Altieri in this captivating panel. Join these visionary minds behind iconic animated series such as “Batman: The Animated Series” as they dive into the secrets of their craft. From the inception of legendary characters to the development of groundbreaking storytelling techniques, Burnett and Altieri will offer rare thoughts into the magic that brought Gotham City to life. This is a must-attend event for fans of animation and aspiring creators alike.